The Why: Power & Grace Prepatory Academy Believes in Nuturing The Minds & Spirits of Children


Here at Power & Grace Prepatory Academy we believe in doing the right thing for children, first and foremost. To us, setting children up for success academically is one of the best ways that you can do the right thing for them. Children are one of a parents’ greatest investments, as they are a reflection of them. They carry the parents’ name, they will be the future of the parents’ family, and they will carry on the legacy of the parents. Investing in a great education is one of the most important ways that a parent can lay a solid foundation for advancement, achievement, and prosperity into adolescence, adulthood, and beyond for their young ones. We believe that it is vital to not only emphasize traditional learning subjects to our students, but also the importance of a relationship with Christ and the paramountcy of confidence and poise.

Mrs. Katobwa Stallworth, the principal of Power & Grace Prepatory Academy, is convinced that it is the best Christian private school in Clarksville because her and her faculty and staff are driven by three things: cause, purpose, and belief. She believes in not only in the cause of education, but in the cause of creating future leaders. She believes even the youngest children are ready, willing, and able to learn, lead and love the Lord, if only a parent would believe also. She has created an environment where young people are being taught, groomed, and guided in the direction of a lifetime of successful learning, leading, and loving of Christ and others.

Our purpose is to foster future leaders by teaching them with high expectation, and to furthermore give young minds a place to grow spiritually. We think it is very important that every child believes in themselves, has high self confidence and has the poise, the grace, and the manners to match. Here at Power & Grace Prepatory Academy we believe in developing the whole child. By the whole child, we mean not only the mind, but the heart and the spirit also. We want young people to be well rounded human beings who are not only intelligent, powerful, and graceful, but in addition, know how to show and feel love.

The most important thing that drives us is our belief. Our belief in children, our belief in the importance of their success, and our belief that we we are doing matters. We are not in the pursuit of results, numbers, or profits. We are in the pursuit of making a difference. We are in the pursuit of advancing and enlarging the kingdom of God. We want to touch every young person’s life we come in contact with, and make parents extremely proud. We are sure there are many people with children who believe in the things that we believe in. If you are one of those parents, Power & Grace Prepatory Academy is the place for your future leader.

There are some things in life that you cannot put a price on. Raising an amazing human being is one of them. Investing in your child’s education at a place where he or she will learn a rigorous curriculum, that includes science, math, reading, technology, engineering, art, music, Spanish, and the Bible is priceless. Here at our Academy, your child will learn things and make memories that will last him or her a lifetime!